Subdivisions - Tasmanian Consulting Company

Roads and Pavements

Roundabout Design

  • John and David Streets: Devonport City Council
  • Thomas and Wright Streets: Devonport City Council
  • Woniora and Three Mile Line Roads: Burnie City Council

Landslip Rehabilitation

  • Pickett's Road Central Coast Council

Realignment and Re-grading

  • Lillico Road Devonport City Council
  • Stowport Road Burnie City Council
  • Fernglade Road Burnie City Council

Junction Realignment and Re-grading

  • Moriarty and Wesley Vale Roads Latrobe Council
  • Osmaston and Quamby Brook Roads Meander Valley Council

Carparks and Access Roads

  • West Beach St (32 x extended spaces) Burnie City Council
  • Ulverstone Staff Carpark (178 x spaces) Simplot Australia
  • Horsehead Boat Ramp (16 x extend spaces) Devonport City Council
  • Quoiba Staff Carpark (211 x spaces) Simplot Australia

Industrial Pavements

  • Grassy Wharf Pavement Upgrade TasPorts, King Island
  • Wharf-side Container Marshalling & Storage Thorpe Transport, Devonport
  • Site Access, Marshalling & Storage BRA, Ulverstone
  • Weighbridge Access Upgrade Simplot Australia, Quoiba
  • Site Access, Marshalling & Storage Simplot Australia, Quoiba
  • Heavy Vehicle Access Areas Upgrade TasPaper, Wesley Vale


'The Tiers' at Stony Rise Rd

R.L. Leary and Vasco
167 Lots

Three Mile Line Road

CBB Developments
132 Lots

'Wynyard Beach Estate' at Mount Hicks Rd

A&C Connell
82 Lots

'Tier Hill Rise' At Massey St

62 Lots

'Riverview' at River Rd

Smith and Others
52 Lots

'Seaspray Estate' at Old Bass Highway

R.L. Leary
48 Lots

'St James Court' at Uplands Drive

Phoenix Palms
20 Lots


Condition and Structural Assessments

  • Princes Wharfs 1 and 2 Hobart
  • Macquarie Wharfs 1, 2 and 4 Hobart
  • Franklin Wharf Hobart
  • Wharf and Infrastructure Stanley
  • Inspection Head Wharf Beauty Point
  • Spirit of Tasmania Loading Ramps
  • No. 5, No. 6 and No. 7 Berth Burnie
  • No. 2 Berth East Devonport
  • Wharf Infastructure King Island and Flinders Island
  • No. 3 and No. 4 West Devonport

Assessment and Remedial Work Design

  • Macquarie Wharf 4 Hobart
  • No.2 Berth and No.6 Berth Bell Bay
  • Wharf and Infrastructure Smithton
  • Wharf and Infrastructure Strahan
  • 600t Heavy Lift Crane Burnie (Theiss)
  • Spirit of Tasmania 3 Berth Infastructure East Devonport
  • Murray Street Pier Hobart

International Prospects

Extensive Experience on Industrial Projects in South East Asia, Including:

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

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