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Our Philosophy

We embrace a collaborative approach to all our activities, working with clients, stakeholders and the wider community to enable a full appreciation of the constraints, the requirements and the potential opportunities of each project.

Our designs thrive to appropriately solve the problems and challenges that arise in a project to achieve efficient systems and processes, to ensure attractive and appealing built environments which respond to the setting, and to provide adaptive and fully usable spaces in an environmentally responsible manner.

We focus on the implementation of inherent passive measures, structural optimisation, and material choice, to deliver performance with reduced environmental impact from both the construction works and ongoing operations.

We believe that good design successfully achieves the performance requirements of our clients in a manner that protects the natural environment and engages with the community to ensure that development is both ecologically and socially sustainable.

Good design considers not only the capital investment, but whole-of-life costs.

Providing efficient, effective and durable development can deliver minimized operating costs, and can extend the life-to-first-maintenance and life-to-replacement times for improved long term benefits.

Our Experience

TCS have delivered professional design services across a full range of civil, structural and municipal engineering, and in built environment and industrial building design, for over two decades.

As a single office, mid-size consultancy, we can effectively collaborate throughout the office to ensure that every commission - large or small - receives the benefit of our collective skills.

We provide a complete service, from intitial concept development, to planning, detail design and tendering, through to project and construction management.

We have considerable history achieving the different demands of public corporations, private enterprises, and public authorities, local Councils and statutory bodies.

Regular and repeat clients of our design, engineering & management expertise include:

  • Simplot Australia
  • Costa Group
  • Botanical Resources Australia
  • Petuna Seafoods Group
  • Paperlinx
  • TasWater
  • Tasmanian Ports Corporation (TasPorts)
  • Dulverton Waste Management
  • Burnie City Council
  • Devonport City Council
  • West Coast Council
  • Central Coast Council
  • Latrobe Council
  • Mondelez
  • Fonterra
  • Saputo Dairy
  • Cargill Malt

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the same excellent service and results on all of our projects, for all of our clients - from large multi-nationals to individuals.

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