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Civil Engineering:

  • Roads; Earthworks Design; Storm Drainage; Dams
  • Water Supply: Pumping Stations, Mains and Reservoirs
  • Effluent Treatment; Subdivision Design
  • Airports (Pavement, Infrastructure, Services)

Structural Engineering:

  • Structural Dynamics; Finite Element Analysis
  • Footings and Foundations; Building Elements; Retaining Walls
  • Equipment Support Structures; Cranes; Monorails and Lifting Equipment
  • Silos, Bins and Bunkers
  • Wharves and Marine Structures

Municipal Engineering:

  • Water Reticulation; Stormwater Drainage and WSUD; Sewage Reticulation
  • Effluent Treatment; Streets and Roadways; General Environmental Design

Transport Engineering:

  • Traffic Impact Assessments; Intersection Design; SIDRA Analysis
  • Design: Geometric (Alignment and Grading), Pavement, Carparks

Process Engineering:

  • Process Logic and Descriptions; P & IDs and Flowsheets
  • Systems: Receival, Screening, Grading, Crushing, Grinding, Filtering, Dewatering
  • Systems: Delivery, Dispatch, Transport
  • Conveyor Design; Dry Powder and Slurry Networks; Pipe Network Design
  • Equipment Sizing and Selection; Pump Sizing and Selection

Inspection and Assessment:

  • Building and Infrastructure Condition Surveys
  • Structural Inspections and Assessment
  • Repairs and Maintenance Planning
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Compliance Assessments

Architectural / Building Design:

  • Residential: Houses, Units, Multi-storey Apartments
  • Community Facilities, Offices; Retail; Commercial
  • Warehouses, Factories and Industrial Buildings
  • 3D Modelling; Construction Detailing; Shop Fabrication Detailing

Town Planning:

  • Strategic Planning; Design Frameworks; Site Master Planning
  • Development Applications; Planning Scheme Amendments; Heritage Coordination

Environmental Design:

  • Housing Thermal/Energy Ratings; GreenStar Design / Coordination
  • EMPCA Level 2 Activity Assessments: EIS, EER and DPEMP

Project Management:

  • Feasibility Investigations; Cost Estimation; Design Coordination
  • Plant and Equipment Procurement; Tendering and Assessment
  • Contractor Coordination; Inspections; Auditing and Quality Assurance
  • Payment Certification; Integrated Management Plans

Construction Management:

  • Complete Management Planning (Safety, Environment, Quality, Timeframe)
  • Contractor Coordination; Site Supervision and Management
  • Building Act Accreditation (Category: Unrestricted)

Turn-key Projects:

  • Total Responsibility for Project Delivery; from original idea to handover
  • Concept; Planning; Design; Permits and Approvals; Construction; Commissioning

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